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Nimbusec Compliance continuously monitors websites according to current compliance rules regarding GDPR, UWB, e-privacy or internal guidelines.
of all companies violate against GDPR guidelines on their websites.
website processes personal data of their visitors.
of GDPR relevant forms, cookies and trackers are identified during Nimbusec's GDPR Scan on average. Most were never reported to the data protection officer.


Nimbusec Website Compliance Monitor continuously monitors public websites according to compliance rules regarding GDPR, UWB and internal guidelines. A comprehensive REST API enables automated and fully integrated data protection monitoring for all websites of your organisation.
Personal Data Collection
Unencrypted Transmission of Personal Data
Cookies, Trackers, Imprint & Privacy Policy
Social Media Integration
Company-specific Compliance Rules

Complete Overview for Data Protection Professionals

Public websites of global organisations are run by marketing departments, media agencies and subsidiaries. However, their personal data processing aspects are relevant for the entire organisation. Nimbusec Website Compliance Monitor enables data protection professionals to gain a complete overview of GDPR relevant aspects of all public website content.

Personal data collection

Websites do not only process personal data like IP addresses, but ask their visitors to leave e-mail addresses, names, birth dates or sometimes even more sensitive information. Due to EU-GDPR and related legislation, organisations need to document all aspects of such data processing. Nimbusec Compliance Monitor provides a starting point for this documentation based on publicly visible websites.

Unencrypted transmission of personal data

Whenever websites collect personal data it is within the responsibility of the website owner to ensure secure transmission. Nimbusec Compliance Monitor checks whether all website data collection is using encrypted HTTPS connections. All identified HTTPS connections are evaluated for effective configuration to ensure appropriate technical and organisational measures.

Cookies, Trackers, Imprint & Privacy Policy

EU and national laws require websites to ask for consent before using cookies and tracking technology. Furthermore many countries require website owners to identify themselves and inform their website visitors about their privacy policy. Nimbusec Compliance Monitor provides overview of cookies, trackers and searches for imprints & privacy policies in more than 20 languages.

Social Media Integration

Modern websites integrate seamlessly with social media platforms. This can create a GDPR risk if personal data is transmitted without consent of the affected user. Nimbusec Website Compliance Monitor is able to detect such risks for tens of thousands of websites every day.

Company-specific compliance rules

Website compliance is affected by ever new national and international laws, court decisions and updated best practice. Nimbusec Website Compliance Monitor can integrate company specific compliance rules and is able to break them down to individual rule sets for each subsidiary or judicial area.


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