your website’s
fire alarm

Protect your website from cyber attacks with Nimbusec Website Security & Compliance solutions.
More than 50% of all successful cyber attacks remain undetected for months. Learn more about how this concerns you and why your website is a potential target.

your website’s
fire alarm

Protect your website from cyber attacks with Nimbusec website security & compliance solutions.
Cyber-crime is serious business. Learn how this concerns you and why your website is a target. On average, malware infections stay undetected for 255 days.

Insights for experts:

IT-Security CyberLounge

Third Party CyberRisk management with the CyberRisk Rating by KSV1870 – find out more in the Webinar.


Early detection of cyber attacks: Nimbusec solutions scan your website around the clock and immediately notify you, if it has been hacked or altered - before your visitors are compromised and damage can be done.

CyberRisk Rating

In cooperation with KSV1870 and Kompetenzzentrum Sicheres Österreich, the Nimbusec CyberRisk Rating evaluates your company as well as your suppliers based on several factors regarding cyber security.

Website Security

Nimbusec Website Security Monitor alerts through continuous simulation of vulnerable website visitors during acute security incidents such as the spread of malware and defacements.


Nimbusec Compliance Monitor continuously monitors websites according to compliance rules regarding GDPR, UWB, e-privacy or internal guidelines.

No website is 100% secure – why yours could easily be a target

Most websites are based on a content management system (e.g. WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal ...). If there is a security hole in one of these systems, the danger of mass attacks, which exploit exactly this hole, exists. Thus all websites are vulnerable. 

In addition, a variety of special attacks with religious, political or ideological motivations are targeting special interest group websites.

Other risks that may result in a successful hack are: Outdated software or plugins, stolen passwords, insecure configuration or the use of an already infected computers.

90 Million
varieties  of malware are known to be in circulation. These include viruses, Trojans, ransomware and spyware. They are usually distributed via websites.
255 Days
On average, online malware stays undetected for 255 days.
10% of all websites
are already hacked.
What we can do for you:

Detect Malware

We check all publicly available content on your website and detect whether your web server distributes malware to visitors.

Detect Backdoors / Web Shells

Nimbusec performs an automatic source code analysis on your web servers. On the basis of the behaviour patterns detected in this way, we detect malicious code, even if it has never been analysed before. This unique approach enables Nimbusec to achieve significantly higher detection rates than conventional virus scanners.

Detect Blacklisting

We monitor whether your domain or website is listed on a blacklist such as Google Safe Browsing or Web of Trust. If it does, you will not only lose your search engine rankings, but visitors will be actively warned about your website. The faster the response, the less damage.

Detect Overdue CMS Updates

Nimbusec checks your webspace for insecure configurations. Among other things, we detect forgotten files on the server and warn about unsafe file rights and suspicious redirects in .htaccess files. In addition, Nimbusec detects the installed CMS version and determines whether critical security issues are known for it.

Detect TLS Certificate Problems

TLS is the basis for secure communication on the Internet. Nimbusec checks whether your TLS certificate is accepted and complies with current security standards. You will also be informed about expiring certificates.

Detect Defacements

Hackers modify web content to place political messages or illegal web shops. Nimbusec detects such attacks through mathematical analysis so you can react before your reputation is damaged.

Assessing Cyber Risks

Nimbusec develops and operates the Austrian CyberRisk Rating by KSV1870 based on the Austrian Cyber Risk Scheme by KSÖ. The Rating is designed for compliance with EU Directive 2016/1148 (NIS)